Homepage for Ay101 (Fall 2002): Physics of Stars

Instructors:   Marc Kamionkowski                    Wal Sargent  
                        Bridge Annex 120                          Robinson 212

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TA:    Milan Bogsavljevic ([email protected]; Ext. 4026;
                       03 Robinson; office hourse: MW, 3-4pm

Class times:    Mon 1-2pm; Wed 1-2pm; Fri 10-11am

 Homework:  There will be problem sets every week.  It is imperative that you do these problem sets in order to learn the material.  Since class time is limited, there will be some topics that you work out on your own in the problem sets. We will try to find problem sets that involve application of the subjects studied in class, and we will try to avoid problems that involve excessive algebra.  You should first try to do all of the problems by yourself.  If you run into trouble, you may discuss the problems with classmates.  However, in the end, you must work out the solutions on your own.  Please write your solutions as clearly as possible.  Points may be taken off if the solutions are incomprehensible. 

Grade:     40% homework and 30%  midterm and 30% final exam.
                    NOTE:    Completion of ALL
  of the problem sets is required.

Judy Cohen's Relevant WWW resources

Texts:   There are tons of books on stellar astrophysics, stellar interiors,
          stellar evolution, stellar atmospheres, stellar photospheres, stars,
          that you may find useful.  Two books at the appropriate level for this
           class are:

Gray, The Observation and Analysis of Stellar Photospheres, 1992 (2nd ed; good for stellar             atmospheres)
Hansen & Kawaler, Stellar Interiors, 1994       (good for stellar structure)
Phillips, The Physics of Stars

However, you may also find the following useful (most should be on reserve in the astronomy library):

Rutten, Radiative Transfer in Stellar Atmospheres, 1996
Binney and Merrifield, Galactic Astronomy, 1998
Boehm-Vitense, Stellar Astrophys v2: Stellar Atmospheres, 1989

Boehm-Vitense, Stellar Astrophys v3: Stellar Structure... 1989

Mihalas, Stellar Atmospheres, 1970/1978. (chap#s above are 2nd ed.)
Aller, Astrophysics v.1: Atmospheres

v.2: Nuclear Transformations
Barnes, Clayton, Schramm, Essays in Nuclear Astrophysics, 1982.
Bowers & Deeming, Astrophysics v.1: Stars, 1984.
Chandrasekhar, Introduction to the Study of Stellar Interiors, 1939.
Chandrasekhar, Radiative Transfer, 1950.
Clayton, Principles of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis, 1983.
Collins, Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics, 1989.
Emerson, Interpreting Astronomical Spectra, 1997
Hearnshaw, The Analysis of Starlight, [observational history].
Kippenhahn & Weigert, Stellar Structure and Evolution, 1991
Kurucz - Atlas: A Computer Program for Calculating Model Stellar Atmospheres (1970)
Novotny, Introduction to Stellar Atmospheres and Interiors, 1973.
Phillips, The Physics of Stars, 1999
Rolfs & Rodney, Cauldrons in the Cosmos, 1988.
Rose - Advanced Stellar Astrophysics (1998)
Rybicki and Lightman, Radiative Processes in Astrophysics, 1979
Schwarzchild, Structure and Evolution of the Stars, 1958.

Here is the syllabus (which includes suggested readings)
Problem Set #1 (due Wed, Oct 9) [PS][PDF]
Problem Set #2 (due Mon, Oct 14) [PS][PDF]
Problem Set #3 (due Mon, Oct 21) [PS][PDF]
Problem Set #4 (due Mon, Oct 28) [PS][PDF]

MIDTERM (due Mon, Nov 4)

Problem Set #5 (due Wed, Nov 20) [PS][PDF]
Problem Set #6 (due Wed, Nov 27) [PS][PDF]